Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oct 11

I love you and miss you all!!!

The MTC is going by so fast!  I already have my itinerary for flying to Boise!  We meet at the travel office on Tuesday with our luggage at 6am and our flight is at 9:40.  I get to call home!  I already bought the calling card so I am calling the house between 8 and 9 and then Rachel's cell if she mails me her phone number.  Does Emily want me to call her cell or will she just make do with letters?  I am lame and don't have their cell numbers memorized (Emily's either, just Mum's :) ).  (That is not a double chinned happy face)  Also the next time I check my email I will be in Boise!  AAAHHHHH!!!!! So excited!  Tomorrow is my in-field orientation for 10 hours.  Going to find out what the real mission is going to be like.  Rachel loves me and sent me cookies that saved my companion and me from a nervous breakdown.  THANK YOU!!! Starting to crack from the constant seriousness of the MTC but sneaking cookies into the bathroom creeping the guys out was really fun.  Also, Elder Wright and I now play rock-paper-siccors-lizard-Spock.  So fun and awesome!  We use it to settle disputes.  Also found out how Hayden took that picture.  Trade secret.  JK.  (He is laying on the ironing board attached to the wall.)  I love my district.  We are all crazy. 

David A. Bednar was our devotional speaker on Tuesday!  He taught us how he studies conference talks and told us to come up with our own way.  Can't really do that until we get the Ensign.  He studies the doctrines, invitations, and promised blessings in each talk.  Really cool. 

Got 3 new sisters yesterday and I still am directionally challenged.  Tour is tonight but I can just follow the zone leaders so we are not lead astray.  :)  They are learning Armenian and going to, you guessed it, Armenia.  They are nice, overwhelmed, and going to be awesome. 

So excited to get to Boise!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Nettles of Awesomeness

P.S.  Elder Wright is quoting Dragon Ball Z Abridged at me right now!  Makes me happy.

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