Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dec 3

Things are going well and so am I.
I have 2 pairs of gloves!  But none of them are dragon hide. *sniff sniff*  They would not cut my hands to pieces.  They are made from the hide under the scales.  (Or so I think...)  I am alas, not a Dragon expert yet.  I would give them a try, and they could double as oven mits!  Handy, eh? 
Glad to hear church was good, so was mine!  All 8.5 hours of it!  Ward council then 3 wards.  (We cover 6 wards, so we still look like slackers because half of our area thinks we don't go to church.) 
I told Dad about the people I have been teaching so I will be lazy and just cut and paste that paragraph there:
"I am teaching a couple of people.  One girl got baptized so we don't teach her anymore. :(  Ironic isn't it?  One guy is about 26 and has been going to church for a year.  Told us he already know he is going to get baptized.  Yay!  He told Sister Hamilton at the Temple Open House he was an investigator but didn't have missionaries.  So here we are!  Also teaching another lady who knows the gospel is true but just doesn't want to move out of her boyfriend's house.  Also got another investigator who has been through a really rough life, her grandma took her to church and then she submitted herself on for missionaries.  Told us that she already knows she is getting baptized and then married in the temple.  So cool!  We had to give her up after two lessons thought because apparently she is not in our area, but the AP's area.  So now the Elders have her.  Sad day.  Another lady we met has three adopted kids.  Helped them decorate for Christmas!  Also got another Brother.  His wife is a member and he wears a suit for camouflage when he goes to church with her.  He even wants a calling!  Just have to get him baptized first.  Crazy though, he lived in Japan for three years and loves anime.  Making a list of anime/gospel parallels.  Sweet, eh?  Have 3 so far.  He is going to make us real Japanese food on Sunday.  There is another non-member dad.  His wife and son are totally active and the son has the Aaronic priesthood so technically he could baptize his dad eventually.  Have to go really slow with him and teach principles not lessons or else he runs off upstairs.  He has had many missionaries before so we're just going slow. Going to take our blind, formerly less-active friend with us for our member present.  So excited for this lesson.  We were role playing it this morning and I know it is going to go well.  Also have a young girl.  She is a 13 year old ray of sunshine.  Her mom has been inactive for over 20 years but lets her do whatever she wants so she gets to go to church!  A member family around the corner are going to be taking her.  She knows two of them from the bus stop for school.  Don't know if she is baptized yet, but she says she was "blessed into the church."  Probably just a baby's blessing, but we will find out.  A few others too but those are the main ones."
Yay for copy and paste! 
I still love my area (Meridian South).  We had the transfer calls last week or so (can't remember) and I am staying here again with my trainer.  Going to be here for Christmas! 
There are some of the weirdest street names in Idaho!!!  Ex: S Broken Limb Ave, Frozen Dog, Falling Branch, Standing Timber, Black Cat, Floating Feather, Mona Lisa (not the ballad of, sorry), Genoard, Zaldia, Pioria, Time Zone, China Rapids, etc.  What the heck?!  Some are more normal than others, but Broken Limb?!  Who says I want to live on Broken Limb avenue?  No one sane?!  All the subdivisions have themes for their names.  One is famous composers (Bach, Strauss, Shubert, etc.), another is bears (bear claw, bear paw, cub, hibernation, ice bear way etc.), another is Italy (Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Tuscany, etc.), or hunting dogs (Doberman, Mastiff, etc.).  Strangeness abounds! 
Well, I love you!!!
Sister Laura Nettles

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