Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oct 22

Dear bestest family ever,
Life is good.  I finally caught the cold I staved off for 3 weeks.  My MTC companion has been sick since day 2 of the MTC and I ran out of occillicoxinum.  (whatevs on the spelling)  My companion is the nicest person in the world.  She is half Tongan and half Samoan, so the best of everything.  Got four new investigators yesterday!  Its a family so I'm excited.  They came to the temple open house and filled out a comment card and there we were! They were all very nice and had tons of questions.  We brought a member with us so he could help with the questions.  The daughter really wants to do baptisms for the dead.  So cool!  Going back the 4th. 
We cover 5 wards up here.  Got to go to three of them yesterday.  Basically learned about Charity and Chastity.  Such a fun day.  I know you guys are jealous.  There are so many people we want to visit but with the open house there is not much time to do it in.  The open house is over the 10th and the re-dedication is the 18th.  Yay!  We just have to keep inviting people to it while it's available.  It's so beautiful in there!  There is stained glass all over the place including the baptistery.  Down there is a depiction of the sacred grove.  In the celestial room the ceiling is stained glass as well of the tops of trees.  So cool, but I love the San Diego temple.  It's still the best. 
I got to play volleyball this morning with my companion and some ladies from Meridian North (even though we're Meridian South) and one of them is a non-member.  Cool beans.  Halloween stuff everywhere and there are scary movies to check out in the front of the library.  Must resist!  What are you all going to be for Halloween?  I think I'm going to dress up as a missionary.  We are going to set up a car with a less active member for a trunk-or-treat so that is probably going to be my fix for this year. 
I love you all!!!  I have only gotten a letter from the two St. George visitors center Sister missionaries we left behind from our district at the MTC.  Sister Cotterall and Sister Davila.  (Australia and Peru)  They wrote 12 hours after we left.  So awesome.  Did you know that I'm pretty good in groups of people?  I just attack them with kindness when they come to the reception hall after going through the temple open house.  I tell them to take extra invitations to bring back anybody and everybody: the people on the street, the people in their attic, wherever.  It works!  We had 13,000 come through this Saturday when we pulled a double shift.  We were there from 1-9:30pm.  So tiring! 
Did you guys get my package yet?!?!  It can't have disappeared!  Oh well, if it did I hope they enjoy the mormon paraphernalia.  I love you all!!!  I should have brought my camera to the library with me!  I should see if I can upload pictures here.  That would be awesome.   You guys stay alive!  And healthy!  And vote!!!  And maybe read your scriptures...
Sister Laura Nettles of Awesomness

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