Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nov 26

Emily takes after my own heart.  <3  I love you guys!  Did Rachel show you the pictures I mailed her?  I am trying to attach photos  right now but it does not seem to be having any luck and this is the fourth place I have tried to do this!  Annoying!  Why are computers lame!?  At least I can type.  Did you like what the stickers were saying in the letters?  Which ones would you want?  My Little Pony, Disney Princess, or Sponge Bob?  I have an Ariel sticker with your name on it! 
We ate one Thanksgiving dinner that was really good!  Then we went to another house for dessert and to meet some non-member guests they had over.  We just "happened to pop by."  It was great.  They were wondering why they had never had missionaries over at their house!  Pretty slick eh?  Well now they will, even though they are not in our area.  Their son is in our area though so we will be over there soon.  After that we went to an inactive widow's house and talked for a bit.  She is going to start coming to church next week!!!  Crazy!  She drove us to the double baptism this last Saturday.  They were two girls the sister missionaries before me had taught.  They just couldn't get baptized till this week. The widow, Sister Hamilton and I got frozen yogurt after.  Your favorite!  The thin mint flavor is REALLY good.  As is the strawberry.  (Missionaries get 50% off)  Finally made some progress with her.  Hurray!

Glad to hear you food turned out great.  Unless you lied to me to make me not feel sorry for you... What was the dessert?  Rachel said she almost got a chocolate over-dose while she was there.  You have done your job well. 

Teaching a guy today we are going to try to have baptized for Christmas.  We were told to have a white Christmas (ie. a person dressed in white to be baptized).  Also got 2/ hopefully 3 new investigators.  Nice eh?  Working crazy hard.  Got my first small headache today in a while so that's doing well.  We also got a lady re-activated.  Hallelujah. 

Stay alive down there! 

Sister Nettles

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