Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dec 17

I don't know what is happening to the mail but I have a package waiting for me at the mission office right now.  I will call the post office today and get the scoop.  You be healthy mother dear!!!  I am going to try to be skyping but don't know which name/ login you will be using!  Also don't know what day it will be on either.  The APs still haven't said anything on the subject...  Troublesome.  NEED INFO!!!!!
Great stuff happened last week!  There is a lady we have been talking to on her front step for 3 weeks who has not gone to church in 30 years.  She is married to a non member and has kids who are not baptized.  Last week her husband let us into their house and we are getting the ward to help them have a Christmas because they can't afford it this year.  Her daughter was also begging her mom to take them to church.  They didn't come yesterday but we won't give up on them.  The mom really wants a blessing to we are going to see what we can do there. 
Also, this widower we visited brought his whole neighbors family to church yesterday!  They asked him to take them!  They stayed all three hours and loved it.  Need to get into their house somehow.  I sound creepy but it's okay, it's for a good cause.  Also been finding a lot of potential investigators and setting up appointments with them and members at church.  So good! 
I hope you are all doing well!!!  Love you lots and hope your Christmas is awesome.  I haven't sent a package because we don't have enough miles to go shopping.  Even for groceries!!!  The members are taking care of us though so we have tons of food.  I ran out of cereal and the members we met last night gave us 3 boxes.  Score!!!  The mission is going awesome.  Had 2 exchanges in the past 2 weeks and have another one on Wednesday.  They are so much fun and we get a ton of work done.  We taught 11 lessons on the last one.  (They last 24 hours) 

Hug Rachel for me please!  I will make you cupcakes when I come home.  Love you all!
Sister Nettles

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