Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oct 4

I got your emails today!  Love you all. 

MTC is pretty awesome.  One of my teachers in Brother Gates and he looks like he's a clone of My Ty, personality and all.  It's kind of freaky.  My companion and I get along awesome; I keep finishing her sentences.  My first night I slept well, then the next three nights I couldn't sleep!  Horrible!  I was doing deep breathing and some Qi-Gong I remember but it did not help.  Resorted to Tylenol PM and now I sleep fine, just not long enough to catch up.  Today I can take my first nap in over a week for our 45 minutes of personal time we are allotted.  Mailed the Donaldson's thank you card already and working on the others now.  We get a 40% discount at the MTC Bookstore.  It's even called that!  Seems like a trend.  I got laundry soap, a pocket hymn book, paper, posters, envelopes, tape (for the posters), and a study journal. 

We do a strange thing called progressive investigator where our teachers pretend to be a non-member friend they know and we teach then 3 times a week.  Bro Gates transforms into a Chinese student learning English that lived with his family for a while.  Its fun to see him try to struggle with understanding English and have an accent.  We have been teaching 4 people so far, actors tying to be people they know or being them before they were converted, or this less active that we are pretty sure was not acting.  Anyways, it's fun and our district is awesome.  There are 4 Sisters and 5 Elders.  I have been called to be the Coordinating Sister and have to welcome any new Sisters we get on Wednesdays, do orientations and give a tour.  Perfect for my directional challenges.  Sister Cotterall is from Australia and Sister Davila is originally from Peru, but moved to Provo when she was 6.  Got 2 new sisters in our room but they are not in our district.  They are learning Spanish.  Sister Hilton is going to Chicago and the other one is from France, who learned some English and is going to Canada Spanish speaking. 

The food is Cannon Center food which is nostalgic.  Been good and I was loosing weight but then the Coopers sent me a dozen cinnamon rolls.  They love me!  So far I have gotten 1 letter from mother dearest, one from Rachel the magnificent and the package from the Coopers.  Been exercising and am sore.  Can't remember hardly any karate moves.  It is sad.

Love you all,
Sister Lala Nettles

P.S.  I have pictures but I can't upload them because the MTC is LAME and removed all the card readers so I can't do it from a sim-card.  Also, the battery charger for the camera I took is most definitely not the right one and both batteries were dead to start so the photos are on my roommates cameras. 

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