Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nov 12

So cold... */*/*/*/*/*/  <-- that's snow...   I think I'm just going to get a coat up here today.  Really need one.  <3  <-- my love for you!  Did you know that sushi is good?   Had my first ones today.  So good!!!  This Samoan dude goes through the temple open house and my companion attacks him because she attacks anyone who looks Polynesian.  Turns out he's a member and owns a sushi restaurant and we got to eat there for FREE!!!   The elders all had to pay their own way but the four sisters that were there (including me) were on the house!  Ate a few plates.  Only Rachel knows how many...  hehe...  Dad I need to take you there when I get off my mission.  And the rest of you people as well.  (The cake is really good.)  This computer is stupid throwing errors every time it tries to read my SD card so I'm mailing you some pictures of the baptism.  It was so amazing!  Natasha is my age and so excited.  She kept bouncing when she was in the font waiting to be dunked.  <3 her!  Also got a new investigator yesterday.  He has already been going to church for a year!  Crazy eh?  He went to the temple open house and introduced himself to my companion as an investigator!  We taught him before Sacrament meeting yesterday.  

The temple dedication is next Sunday.  They need to replace some of the carpet (we found a hole).  There is a dedication at 9am, noon and 3pm.  We get to go to all three!  Strange eh?  A relief society supplied all the sister missionaries with white handkerchiefs so we don't need to buy one today!  

We have two dinner appointments so far on Thanksgiving.  An American one and a Polynesian one.  My companion is so excited.  There are 22 sisters in our mission and by about February will are supposed to have 60 more.  I may end up training here in a few months with a 19 year old companion.  So exciting!!!  We are hoping our areas will be cut down to 3-5 wards instead of 6-10 per companionship.  That would be nice.  We shall see how this pans out.  

I love you all!
Sister Laura Michelle Nettles

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