Saturday, January 5, 2013

Oct 17

Made it to Boise and am now stationed in Meridian where the new temple is going to be built.  The Boise temple is having an open house right now so I get to work in it.  Can you please send me a letter?  I need proof of address so I can get a library card and email you guys without using my companion's card.  (Plus I would want to read it)  She is Sister Hamilton and is awesome.  I love you all and am super excited.  My mission has been likened unto the people of Gideon so it's going to be sweet.
Already been trackting a little in Boise the day we got there.  It was not too bad.  The street had had some anti-temple pamphlets the week before but other than that it went great.  Already been through the open house.  Beautiful.  Finally in Meridian.
Love you all!!!!
Sister Laura Nettles

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