Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nov 19

Hey my peeps!
I love you guys! 
Spencer: Good job being an awesome person and staying with the lonely kid.  <3  Keep up the good work.  Have you read any of the Book of Mormon in Spanish yet?  Are you studying Spanish anymore?  Still playing football?  I am playing Volleyball today again.  I am getting decent at it!  I really love you!  Please stop growing taller while I'm over here in Idaho.  Please!!!!!  Stay up on you clarinet practicing.  So proud of you!  Please hug Rachel for me!
Emily: I love you as well!!!  How is your running?  Are you going to be helping mom cook for thanksgiving?  You better be...  How is school?  What color is the sky over there?  Miss you!  Not really hehehe... But I do love you!  Is Spencer behaving at home?  Behave yourself a little bit over there! <3  You get to kiss Rachel for me!  Onegi? (That's please if my brain has not died.)
The older folks: JK... The Most Beloved Parents
Congratulations on a new calling father-dear.  Whip those kids into shape!  Or their leaders.  Which ever.  I bore my testimony last fast Sunday so it was your turn now Mother-of-mine!  Hehehe.  I'm sure it was great.  Did you cry?  Because I always do... Such an annoying curse!  Anyways.  I love you both!  Sleeping great.  Hopefully you sent me a package like you said you would and the sister missionaries who live by the mission office can pick up the package and bring it to volleyball this afternoon.  :)  Haven't gotten the mail in over a week now.  We used to go to the mission office everyday because the Temple Open House was in the same building, but now it's over...  Only went to two of the dedication sessions.  We missed the first one because we made breakfast at a members house that some RMs were staying at to visit their old mission.  I met my other "grandma," my trainers trainer.  Good stuff.  Apparently President Monson is a match maker.  He got 2 kids to kiss after the youth cultural celebration.  (They were at least seniors in High School.)  He is so funny!  Things are going well.  Did you finally succeed at a gluten/dairy/sugar free dessert?  Does it look appetising?  I hope so.  Take care of Rachel for me!
Love you all!
Sister Nettles of Awesomeness

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