Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Jan 14

I remembered to wish you a happy anniversary until I got to the computer last week and forgot. Happy super late anniversary!!!  Congratulations on the future double ovens.  Now I can make your cupcakes twice as fast when I get home.  So proud of you and all your hard work.  Also happy early birthday Dad! 

I am not too frozen right now.  It was 1 degree last night on our way home from our last appointment. Getting used to it.  :(  My new companion is Sister Cline from Dallas TX, but she graduated from BYU and has a UT accent.  She is doing the driving on these terrible roads.  We drive pretty slow and arrive alive to our destinations.  She has been out for a year.  We workout with this program called Cross Fit.  EVIL is more like it.  10 minutes and I'm sore.  We also work pretty well together.  I'm the talkative one in the companionship now.  Strange eh?  She is really normal so I keep blowing her mind with my talk of Dr Who, Flying Circus, wasps eating taco salad, and just my normal randomness.  :)  Still living in the house in Meridian and the lady who owns it said it was too cold to come back this weekend so she is still out in Arizona till about March.

Still covering 6 wards.  They are starting to be on top of missionary work providing members for our lessons, people to visit, having us at ward council, feeding us, etc...  The packages might be in the mailbox.  We will check today.  We are having mail confusion but I know I have letters at the mission office we are picking up today.  We have one investigator who says he wants to be baptized right now but we don't have a date yet.  Teaching him, his mom and sister, the Payne family.  We had members at there house with us last night and they connected really well which is good because Sister Payne is really outgoing, talkative and blunt.  I love the mission!  And I never tire of your questions.  

I am not sick unlike you guys.  Thank goodness.  Nor am I going to a Muse concert but all is well.  (Enjoy it Emily!)

Sister Nettles

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