Monday, January 7, 2013

Jan 7

Pretty cold here.  8 degrees sometimes.  Don't spray with the windshield wipers.  So scary.  Poured half a water bottle on it to melt it but took to long to hit the wipers so it froze again, then had to do it really fast and we were okay.  Fun stuff!  I love the thermals!  Wear them all the time.  It's snowing a lot right now .  I'm staring at it through the library window as I type.  Looking forward to that ice-cream mother dearest! 
Transfers are today.  Sister Hamilton is going to Nampa.  Strange story:
First day in the mission and I am assigned Sister Cline (from TX) as a trainer and my MTC companion is assigned Sister Hamilton as a trainer.  10 minutes later we realize only Sister Cline and I drive so we have to switch trainers to both have cars.  Now Sister Hamilton has her drivers license again (it expired) so we are switching back to our original assignments.  Crazy eh?
No new sisters are coming in this transfer again...  Don't know what's happening.  Supposedly it's going to hit February.  We shall see. 
The work is awesome!  Got 5 new investigators this week!  Three of them are the family of a guy from the YSA ward we baptized last month.  The 2 others are wives of inactive members.   Don't ever go inactive!  It looks miserable!!!  One family is golden.  They have been going to church for over a year now.  The son believes in the Book of Mormon and wants to serve a mission, the daughter wants a Book of Mormon and has questions about Joseph Smith, the mom wants the blessings of the gospel for her family.  We are only teaching them while the dad is living in Washington.  We'll see what happens when he gets back.
The wards are finally starting to pick up on missionary work a little bit.  They are going to be fellowshipping, visiting less actives and inviting friends.  Nice eh?  Excited to see what's going to happen. 

I got to meet with the Stake President on Saturday.  The missionaries in our stake (so 4 of us) meet with him and our high councilman and go over the work in the area every month.  They feed us breakfast.  Cremebrule french toast! 
There is also a 12 year old boy who's mom is inactive and they keep going to their grandma's on the weekends.  He and his siblings (the oldest is 13) want to learn and really want to go to church.  He also wants to go to scouts so we are getting him going in that soon.  The leaders are going to drop by this week and introduce themselves.
Sister Nettles

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