Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nov 5

Later this week the high is supposed to be the 40s.  Not too cold yet.  Acclimated back to these harsher conditions already.  Surprise!  And guess what? Miracle!!!  MY NAVIGATIONAL SKILLS ARE AWAKENING!!!!!!!  AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Who am I!?!?  Going to get my hair cut soon.  The straight pieces are bugging me.  Going to try and send pictures...  You are awesome!
Good luck with Thanksgiving.  Are you feeding the missionaries A TON lately?  Because we have been getting two dinners a night sometimes and a member took 16 of us missionaries out to Toccanos.  It was our lunch and it held me through our canceled dinner because we were working the Temple Open House instead.  He dropped $400 on us.  WHAT IS WITH THESE CRAZY AWESOME PEOPLE?!?!  Anyways...
Your Number One Daughter

2nd Letter
I am awesome!  I finally sleep fine by myself!!!!!!  Amazing eh?  Get along great with my companion.  She's the most loving person in existence.  Have a baptism this Saturday.  She is going to the singles ward and is my age.  So excited, been teaching her the lessons at her newly wed friend's house with another buddy who are all members.  She is so ready.  It's her fault we have been getting two dinners some nights.  We go to our schedueled dinner appointment, have an hour or so, then show up to teach our investigator and they have made us a dinner at 8:00 at night.  And it's so good!  Just eating a little and taking leftovers home for lunches.  My skirts still fit.  Yay!  Life is good.

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